A wonderful lecture about creativity by John Cleese

Creativity and creative thinking is a subject I’m always exploring.

I was happy to hear Cleese mentioning Edward de Bono in this video, I began to find interest in his writings when I was still a photographer’s assistant in training.

I didn’t count them, but I think this presentation has the most versions of “How many _______ it takes to screw a light bulb” told in a single event, Enjoy…

My latest instagram entries

How I learned to stop worrying and love Instagram

These are the latest 30 images in my Instagram stream, If you like them, you’re invited to follow me

I like Instagram. I think it sends me back to the days I was listening to music, holding these colorful album covers and admiring the artwork, these covers allured me into the field of commercial photography. As much, it reminds me using A Hasselblad, a square window to the world that looking through it, made everything look beautiful.

Today, I don’t really need the square frame, I crop to measure and it’s all good, I still use 1:1 frames when I see fit, but since the music business changed a lot, the square frame became more rare, until Instagram came and gave it a renewed breath of life.

Growing up into being a professional photographer, I trained myself to capture interesting frames, I could see them all around me, and went through many (many!) rolls of film, until I developed the “eye” for a good composition, slowly assembling a worthy portfolio, I wish I had Instagram back then…

Not many professionals obsess about their work enough to practice it in their free time, I can’t think of an accountant making calculations for fun, or a farmer plowing a field just because he likes it.
When you’re a photographer, that’s a different deal, at least for me, I just can’t help it, I need to be ready to click.

I used to carry a compact camera with me wherever I went, when I found anything frame worthy, I’d snap it.

When Nokia came out with their Lumia 920, the platform was ripe enough for me to try, they also promised an excellent camera, promised and delivered.

Soon enough many photography apps became available, allowing some serious ways to manipulate images, many Instagram like apps too, but not THE Instagram, the one many people were on.I started worrying, I got the Lumia 920 for its camera, and I wanted to share it and Instagram wasn’t in site, until a month ago (*Nov. 2013). As soon as it was available I installed it, and it became my new composition playground.

Instagram is extremely limited, almost like a pinhole camera, but that’s exactly why I like it.
I do miss options to do some mild corrections, but, I like it, I shoot, I post, all done.

Instagram selfie in an elevator


A nesting sparrow in an abandoned truck

sparrow nesting

Hiking in the Malibu area, a nesting sparrow was pointed to me by one of the group, it was in an abandoned truck’s frame and was very hard to spot.
This sparrow built its nest in a very narrow part of the frame, right above the wind shield, I couldn’t capture this image using my SLR because it wouldn’t fit in the crack, my smart phone on the other hand went right through.

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