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Using images to improve your Facebook profile

Well, It’s double feature for me this month.
My Facebook profile images are at the top of Janine Warner‘s article, appearing this month (March 2014) on Photoshop user magazine and on

The article titled “Attracting Friends with a Fabulous Facebook Design” came out a couple of weeks ago, You can read it here.

Gilad Koriski facebook profile featured on

I was very happy to hear from Janine Warner when she contacted me. Janine told me she wanted to feature some versions of my Facebook profile, as her main example in a few publications, to show how professional photographers can use their Facebook profile.

I hardly ever give myself a tap on the shoulder, but It’s always fun to hear other people’s appreciation of what I do.
Here are a few excerpts from my messaging with Janine, in her own words:

…”My coauthor and I are writing you because we think your Facebook page design is awesome/fabulous/makes us jealous, and we want to feature you in a new book that we are writing”…

…”to showcase your profile as a shining example of all that is good, true and right about the social web… or at least a great example of a Facebook design.”

…”With your permission, we’ll publish a screenshot of the Cover design area of your profile in full color and use it to call more attention to the wonderful work that you’ve done”…

…”Well you are certainly a great example. I was just checking again and we actually used two shots of your covers to show that a photographer like you can change images regularly to showcase your talent. Thanks for being such a great example”…

…”You’re welcome to say you’ll be featured in “Social Media Design For Dummies” , and you can throw in that we think you’re very talented!”…

Janine Warner’s best-selling books and videos about the Internet have won her an international following and earned her speaking and consulting engagements around the world. She’s the creator of, an interactive design and training agency that offers web and mobile design, content strategy, and … more…

You can learn and get many web and social design tips on Janine’s site, such as, What size should you make your Facebook photos?
You can’t find a better teacher.

The excellant “Social Media Design For Dummies”
Is now available! I’m featured on pages 88 and 89..

Gilad Koriski facebook profile Photoshop user magazine full

Reilly the Japanese Chin dog

This adorable Japanese Chin dog named Reilly (meaning: Courageous, valiant), is a little buddy of mine. Reilly is one of the most adorable toy dogs I’ve met, He’s sweet, playful and we’re always happy when we meet and play.
Japanese Chin dog fine art prints

Looking at Japanese Chins at play, made me think they are bred to look like little furry dragons.

I love taking this little pup’s pictures. I find Reilly’s little face to be very expressive. it seems to me he likes to pose for the camera and he’s doing it with patience and grace.
This digital work captures his persona very well, the image of a poet reflecting as he gazes towards the horizon. I gave him a painterly treatment to enhance the texture of his beautiful soft fur.
You can see the image in more detail and even order a print by visiting Reilly the Japanese Chin dog page on my fine art prints store.
Read more about Japanese Chin dogs here

San Gabriel mountains

I shot this image of San Gabriel mountains from a Cessna 182 a few years ago, Shot it and forgot about it .
Sometime I return from a trip and just don’t have the time to handle all the images that are not work related, I try to do it, but now and then Some images escape me.

San Gabriel mountains

I revisited this image 2 days ago, and decided to develop it again.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 allows me more control than I had in earlier versions, It felt more organic now, a little more like how I would treat the image in the chemical dark room.
So from being obscured, this image is now one of my favorite images.
You can get prints and greeting cards of this image here.

Buying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 through the link below will help me maintain this website

Copyright © Gilad Koriski

Tinting Black and White photos

Early in my photography career I was experimenting with tinting Black and White photos. I was using “Ecoline by Talens” liquid water colors, having lots of fun, and after a while I was able to get consistent results.

Tinting Black and White photos digitally, has more freedom, It’s less adventurous, more straight forward and gets the job done.

Below is a tinted Black and White image of August, Shot in South California with my favorite 80mm 1.8 lens.

August the horse, Tinting Black and White photos

Tinting Black and White photos tutorial

Here’s a great tutorial from Adobe T.V. By the wonderful Julieanne Kost, Exploring the best way to convert images to black and white, as well as adding tonal overlays, edge effects, selective coloring and film grain textures. Then, you’ll learn how to apply those effects to multiple files using Sync options and Presets using Adobe Lightroom 5.

Pushing the boundaries with Adobe Lightroom 5

When I first started shooting rock concerts, There was no Adobe Lightroom 5 to help me. I was used to shot T-max 3200 black & white, pushing it about 2-3 stops to get what I wanted in the darkroom, expressive rough shots, with grain you can shave with. I was and still try to get shots that show action (by sometime using slower shutter speeds) and enhancing the atmosphere by trying to predict where the lights are going to fall next and clicking the shutter when the lights hit where I want.

Today, shooting in chaotic (light wise) and dark environments is different, I do it by shooting RAW files at very high ISO, and developing them in Lightroom 5. Developing in Lightroom 5 allows more accurate white balance and broad color control. testing, correcting and printing the kind of images you can see below, “old school”, would take a very long time.

Here’s a selection of “Rain King” concert images I shot at the “Whiskey a GO-Go” on Sunset Blvd. last Saturday. “rain King” are, Ben Shafrir – Drums, Eli Sokolow – Guitar and Vocals and Yali Bitan – Bass and Vocals. These guys really know their stuff! You can listen to them using the player underneath the gallery. In their own words, they are an “L.A. based rock trio whose mission is to wake the universe from the coma of auto-tuned digital modernity and rekindle the flames lit by the ancient warriors of face melting, spine curving rock & roll.”

No “Photoshop” was used in the editing of these images.

Photographic doodle

While having a casual Skype call a few days ago, Instead of the usual doodling with a pen on paper, I was playing with a screw that was left on my desk. First, just passing it between my fingers, Soon, I started screwing it through some pieces of craft paper that were lying around. It was looking photogenic to me and so I shot it. Sometimes I have an Idea and a meaning for the image before I begin, sometimes they arise after the fact.

Tech kids

While shooting portraits of her mom, this sweet 5-year-old wanted some camera attention. As soon as her Mom left to change for the next set, I asked her to come up to the set and pretend she’s Mommy, she knew exactly what to do.Tech girl


After a few smiles to the camera she was drawn into the computer and didn’t mind the camera anymore.

Tech girl

Climbing trees and playing outdoors were my favorite activities when I was this kid’s age, My fascination with computers started when I was well into my 20’s. For the last 10 years I build and keep up all my computers and love doing that.

I didn’t find computers very practical for myself untill Photoshop 3 came out. Looking at these images made me think whose childhood is more fulfilling, the tree climbers or the tech kids? I don’t have an answer for that.