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Celluloid mechanical boy to the rescue

To the rescue
Here’s a little mechanical celluloid toy. It’s pose made it a natural candidate to challenge Superman.

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This mechanical toy was originally dressed and could crawl, not anymore. It looks to me as if  it’s trying to reach out, sadly enough it doesn’t look like something you’d want to hold, that sense is what I went after.

Synthetic and natural patterns

Since I started experimenting with Photoshop around 1996, I was fascinated by blending modes and the patterns I can make using them.

A natural progression to studying graphic elements through artwork I drew myself, (that’s when photography was still chemical based, and scanning was reserved for paid projects), Was starting to us patterns from natural elements I shot.

It’s pretty clear why natural patterns are so inspiring, unlike an empty canvas, they already contain rhythm, flow  and direction which makes them fun to explore.


“Captain James T. kirk” about the future of flash

Will Apple reconsider introducing flash to their “i” devices? personally, I don’t believe so. my questions are, what should those who want the option to have flash on their portable devices do? What will developers do? will flash go away?

Photoshop is not evil

Original is on the left
Original is on the left

I get annoyed when people see a picture of a pretty girl and automatically say: “eh, it’s all Photoshoped”, as if Photoshop is the long version of a four letter word, I say, thanks to Photoshop we can give the client a brilliant result without having to dip ourselves in chemicals under red lights (I do admit that the smell of a developer makes me a bit nostalgic still, but it’s because i don’t have to spend time with it anymore). Here is an image manipulation job I received from a Las Vegas client, where the shot she sent me looked nice but needed “something..”. on the right, is the before image. first, I cropped it just a bit to get Katie to be more dominant in the frame, the rest was mainly some perfecting of stubborn hair and a very careful dodge and burn process that is similar but a bit  more precise than what I would be able to do in the dark room.

In my view

I’ve contemplated on writing a blog for a while now, the reasons are many, I may discuss them in later posts. this blog will mainly follow my photography and other things I’m involved or interested in. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any photography, Lightroom or Photoshop related questions you may have, your thoughts and comments are welcome.