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“Quoting Artists” gallery opening

“Quoting Artists” gallery is opening this Saturday.
Some of my works as well as other’s will be on display,
Come over and check it out.

Saturday 06/28/2014, Between 3PM – 8PM
2358½  South Robertson Blvd. Los-Angeles, CA. 90034

After Saturday’s event, the Gallery Hours will be:
Thursday – Sunday 1PM – 7PM

We’ll be happy to see you there..

Quoting Artists opening show artists

Reilly The Japanese Chin Dog print sold

Reilly The Japanese Chin Dog print was just sold to a buyer from Oyster Bay, NY, thank you buyer and thank you Mama Hopewood and little Reilly, for being such a sweet and cooperative model.

A vintage mechanical tin toy on its tricycle

antique vintage mechanical tin toy riding TricycleThe first time I was looking at this vintage mechanical tin toy, made me think of spring. This toy still have bright, very appealing colors, I think the smile is great too.
I made the image bright, to resemble a spring day.
The natural triangular silhouette makes for a stable, calm composition.

I don’t really know if it’s representing a girl or a boy, but The kid looks happy.
While shooting this toy, I was looking for a way to capture eye contact and create an appealing pose.
I’m always looking for a way to create communication between the subject and the observer, and the eyes can make it, or break it.
Mechanical toys and other contraptions always fascinated me. As a little kid I loved mechanical things and was always trying to understand how they work, by disassembling and putting them back together (to be honest, I could only put only some of them back together).

Get your own print of this vintage mechanical tin toy

You can find more versions of this vintage mechanical tin toy riding his tricycle in the “Vintage Toys” section of my Blog’s store and on my dedicated fine art prints store

A Vintage boy-scout doll

Vintage boy scout doll toys fine art photography

This Vintage boy scout doll is from the early 1900’s. this toy was made of wood and then hand painted.

Taking a portrait of toys and people, have many things in common. I keep in mind many of the things I do when taking portraits of people when I’m shooting toys, having a good eye contact is one of them.
A good eye contact makes an effective image, because it helps the viewer and subject connect.

As in many of my images, I have an idea when I’m creating the image. But rather than revealing my ideas, I prefer to hear what the viewers have in mind; for me, any interpretation is correct.

Handling these little old toys, while setting up a shot, make me think about the child who first received them as a present.
Was it a Christmas, or a birthday present, or an unexpected surprise because she/he was the apple of their parents eyes. It makes me think about the happiness it brought these kids, little sparkles of joy on their life’s timeline, and how they are probably no more… and how a box or a drawer became home for these toys.

I’m happy I can put this Vintage boy scout doll and his little friends in the spotlight again.

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