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Online fine art prints store

*Update*- I no longer offer prints through “Fine art America” please use the Contact page ti inquire about prints.

“I’m offering fine art prints of my work. You can find beautiful prints to decorate your home and business, in many sizes, finishes and frames You can even get greeting cards you can customize with my photography.

Watch a short video with images from my online fine art prints store

“Not We But ONE” Concert and Art Exhibit Charity Event

Update – This event ended

Original post – I’ll be showing some of my landscape work in a group exhibit tonight.
It’s a part of a Concert and Art Exhibit, dedicated to help teens at risk.
The 18th is also my birthday, so it’s a great opportunity to celebrate together, I hope to see you there.

These are the images I showed tonight

You can buy these images here

Here’s a short video to soak in the atmosphere

Not We But One Flyer2013
The image on this poster is not mine, I’ll try to find out who shot it and will give them credit


Compawssion, A book of rescued dogs portraits

A few months ago, I was asked to shoot Frank Bruynbroek’s portrait for his upcoming book called Compawssion it is a project he was working on for the last 15 years, as well I was asked to shoot and edit a short teaser for the book.

Frank’s passion for photography and his love and compassion for dogs has culminated into a beautiful book of photographs of rescued dogs, and I was happy to take a part in it.

You can read more about Frank here.

Compawssion book of rescued dogs portraits

Frank Bruynbroek and T

Rail gates

I was shooting a project in downtown LA this week. It’s a wonderful area to hunt for compositions. Using a smart phone made it very easy to snap this image while crossing the train rails to the other side of the river, I processed it the next time I had a couple of free minutes.

Train rail crossing gate detail

Noon, Downtown Los Angeles.

On my way back from Pasadena, after wrapping up my show today, I stopped for a hot dog in downtown LA.

I got a ticket.

Downtown Los Angeles

Smartphone photography is fun

Smartphone photography is fun, I stopped using my snapshot camera a year ago, shortly after I started using a smart phone. Up to that time I always carried a compact camera with me, even when I had my Professional DSLR camera with me, it was usually a canon powershot.
Now I always have with me my phone/snapshot camera/music library/phonebook/portfolio/…. well, you get the idea.

Thanks to Steve Jobs for refining the concept, and thanks to all the rest who picked up the ball and started running. The best is yet to come.

The smart phone images are about as good as any snapshot camera, less the zoom capabilities.

I never use the phone’s digital zoom, I prefer to crop an image after taking it, that’s if I really need to. In order to satisfy my kink for constantly framing the world around me, the smart phone is a great solution.

The huge variety of cool apps out there is a bit confusing at first but I narrowed it down to two apps that I find are fun and helpful. The one I can’t do without is Thamba photo editor, it’s a feature rich “Photoshop” substitute, the other is LoMob which allows me to mimic different film styles. Here’s a couple of recent shots.

I shot the first one at my doorstep this resilient little thing was growing from the concrete two feet front of my door. I consider it lucky even though it has only three leaves. I shot he fire hydrant a couple of blocks from my house.


Here’s another image from my current exhibition, she’s called Minerva, She’s named after the German factory that made her, around 1910.


It looks like someone tried to restore her paint job many years ago, pretty badly I must say, I find that it’s adding character to her, well that and her teeth.

This event has ended If you’d like to see some of the other images from this show, click here

I’m currently showing Minerva and other images from the “Dannah’s Toys” series at:

Sabor 2 Café 708 East Colorado Blvd. Pasadena. 91101

from November 16 to December 31. The place is open every day from 7AM to 9PM.

If you’d like to meet me there please drop me a line and we can hang out.