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Scribbling in smoke II

Leave it for later

I’ve been asked what exactly are these images. these are manipulated photograph I shot, of smoke. i alter colors and draw on them, with digital tools. Here’s a new image, followed by a small copy of the original shot, notice the figure on the lower left.

Original shot

Scribbling in smoke

In a field where pre-planing is very important, sometimes, to free my mind, I like to take a pencil and scribble on paper, without raising it for a few moments from the page, and then with as little lines possible, to get out of the chaos a subject that will make sense.

As many in the visual field, I have a library of photographs I shoot, to use them as backgrounds or effects. While looking through some of my smoke images, I noticed a lot of scribble there to work with.

I use free association doing that, and I find it to be very rewarding.

Synthetic and natural patterns

Since I started experimenting with Photoshop around 1996, I was fascinated by blending modes and the patterns I can make using them.

A natural progression to studying graphic elements through artwork I drew myself, (that’s when photography was still chemical based, and scanning was reserved for paid projects), Was starting to us patterns from natural elements I shot.

It’s pretty clear why natural patterns are so inspiring, unlike an empty canvas, they already contain rhythm, flow  and direction which makes them fun to explore.


What is Phodigraphy?

I’ve asked myself for a long time, what is it, exactly, that I do –  trying to focus on what it is and summarizing it in a single word. Let’s see; I’ve been a photographer for the last 25 years and I’ve been doing photo manipulation for myself and others for about 12 years. Through the last 10 years I’ve made many print designs for different fashion companies and, truly, there’s hardly anything I do professionally where I don’t combine at least some of the knowledge, practice, and techniques of all of the above. Continue reading

Roadside survivors

A while back I’ve found these old shoe forms near a closed down old shoemaker’s store. they waited for me in a little pile of stuff that was going to the trash. I had to take it to the studio and play with it. I decided to make two similar compositions that will have a different feel to them. here’s what I came up with.

From fringe to center stage

After watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, I gained respect to the fact that even the fringe, in a time of internet and social networking, can get mainstream very fast, maybe too fast. surprising, right? it can find a great audience if it’s loud and daring enough. It is aggressive marketing with no limitations, and sometimes it even have some qualities other than sheer size. whether you are a fan of street art or not, you’ll be able to find a support to your cause, in this original documentary, that has an unlikely punk “cinderella story” underlay. no kidding. I enjoyed it very much.

In my view

I’ve contemplated on writing a blog for a while now, the reasons are many, I may discuss them in later posts. this blog will mainly follow my photography and other things I’m involved or interested in. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any photography, Lightroom or Photoshop related questions you may have, your thoughts and comments are welcome.