Synthetic and natural patterns

Since I started experimenting with Photoshop around 1996, I was fascinated by blending modes and the patterns I can make using them.

A natural progression to studying graphic elements through artwork I drew myself, (that’s when photography was still chemical based, and scanning was reserved for paid projects), Was starting to us patterns from natural elements I shot.

It’s pretty clear why natural patterns are so inspiring, unlike an empty canvas, they already contain rhythm, flow  and direction which makes them fun to explore.


Happy Independence Day 2011

Last night (July 4, 2011), I joined a friend to a fireworks scouting flight over the Los Angeles area. Shooting fireworks from a Cessna Skylane 182 reminded me how important it is to be able to use a tripod for certain subjects. Here  are some of the images, shot at about 3,000 feet above sea level, where a tripod is redundant because of the 3D movement of the plane.


What is Phodigraphy?

I’ve asked myself for a long time, what is it, exactly, that I do –  trying to focus on what it is and summarizing it in a single word. Let’s see; I’ve been a photographer for the last 25 years and I’ve been doing photo manipulation for myself and others for about 12 years. Through the last 10 years I’ve made many print designs for different fashion companies and, truly, there’s hardly anything I do professionally where I don’t combine at least some of the knowledge, practice, and techniques of all of the above. Continue reading

Closest you’ll get to nature without leaving home

I was introduced to this movie a couple of years after it came out. I have not since watched a movie that was so beautiful and fascinating as Microcosmos.

This movie not only brings you really close to nature, but it is lit and shot so beautifully that I’m still glued to the screen every time I watch it. if you love nature and photography, especially macro photography, and you missed this one somehow, do yourself a favour, get this disk and watch it, this is the real “A bug’s life“.

It’s a french film  and though there’s not much dialog in it, you can choose the english sound track from the menu.

Something about people photography

Birthday Girl

Though directing my subjects is a part of the job, I really find it rewarding to make myself “invisible” and try to catch people when they are not aware. when shooting people who are not professional models/actors, of all ages, I always battle to capture a “not obviously posed image”. I’m not a hunter but it seems to me that shooting like that may be the closest thing to hunting, I try to be a part of the scenery and be aware where my main subjects are at all times, so when an opportunity rises, I’ll notice it and be ready. here’s a sweet girl I shot, on her Tea party style birthday.

Roadside survivors

A while back I’ve found these old shoe forms near a closed down old shoemaker’s store. they waited for me in a little pile of stuff that was going to the trash. I had to take it to the studio and play with it. I decided to make two similar compositions that will have a different feel to them. here’s what I came up with.

“Captain James T. kirk” about the future of flash

Will Apple reconsider introducing flash to their “i” devices? personally, I don’t believe so. my questions are, what should those who want the option to have flash on their portable devices do? What will developers do? will flash go away?

Tidbits from Los angeles photographer Gilad Koriski