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Reilly The Japanese Chin Dog print sold

Reilly The Japanese Chin Dog print was just sold to a buyer from Oyster Bay, NY, thank you buyer and thank you Mama Hopewood and little Reilly, for being such a sweet and cooperative model.

A horse foal was born

This Sunday I had a special treat, a horse foal was born. This baby horse was born just a few hours earlier. It was a “Bambi” moment for me when I went to see the newborn princess.

I like driving out-of-town to visit friends. I like walking in nature, enjoying the views and the animals, taking pictures of all I find interesting. This trip was very rewarding, cuteness ruled the day.
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Reilly the Japanese Chin dog

This adorable Japanese Chin dog named Reilly (meaning: Courageous, valiant), is a little buddy of mine. Reilly is one of the most adorable toy dogs I’ve met, He’s sweet, playful and we’re always happy when we meet and play.
Japanese Chin dog fine art prints

Looking at Japanese Chins at play, made me think they are bred to look like little furry dragons.

I love taking this little pup’s pictures. I find Reilly’s little face to be very expressive. it seems to me he likes to pose for the camera and he’s doing it with patience and grace.
This digital work captures his persona very well, the image of a poet reflecting as he gazes towards the horizon. I gave him a painterly treatment to enhance the texture of his beautiful soft fur.
You can see the image in more detail and even order a print by visiting Reilly the Japanese Chin dog page on my fine art prints store.
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Compawssion, A book of rescued dogs portraits

A few months ago, I was asked to shoot Frank Bruynbroek’s portrait for his upcoming book called Compawssion it is a project he was working on for the last 15 years, as well I was asked to shoot and edit a short teaser for the book.

Frank’s passion for photography and his love and compassion for dogs has culminated into a beautiful book of photographs of rescued dogs, and I was happy to take a part in it.

You can read more about Frank here.

Compawssion book of rescued dogs portraits

Frank Bruynbroek and T

Terra The dog

Terra The dog, is my neighbor’s pet, She loves running around our back yard with her little companion Archie, Playing with her toys and barking at squirrel’s. She always runs to me when I’m coming out to the yard, She knows she’ll get a good rub.

Like many, I’m fascinated by animals. When I was about 5 years old, I was attacked by a large dog. I never gave up on them and actively fought my acquired fear of being attacked again, by seeking their company.

I think dogs relate to the human emotional range better than any other animal. We bond with them like with no other animal. Every dog I meet is different in character, I’ve met tiny dogs with an attitude of a lion and large ones that behave like lap dogs.

A few days ago we met in the back yard, Terra was back from the doctor, He discovered she had some bad tumors. She was operated on and the sight was heart breaking, Stitches, tubes and all, still, I felt I have to document it.
Sep 1st 2012 – Update
I’m happy to say, Terra is back to her old self, Cone free and happy.

Peace and Dove

In my travels to Israel I get to stay sometimes with the Fox family, Howard Fox is a good friend, an amazing painter and a very interesting guy, His lovely wife and two kids are making every stay a joy and yes, They have a dog and a picket fence.
I was going over some images today while checking Adobe Lightroom 4’s new development module and saw this picture, I shot it in Howard’s studio, So I gave it some love and added a little logo to it.

Peace and Dove

Late afternoon

This weekend I was visiting a friend whom I used to ride with, he moved his horses from a ranch to his back yard a few weeks ago so I went to see the new tenants.

Being around horses is very special, these herbivores are beautiful and are among my favorite subjects.

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