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Meet The Untouchables

Meet The Untouchables, The great Los-Angeles Ska band.

If you live in Los Angeles, CA, Or you are a Ska fan, You surly know The Untouchables!
This is my favorite Ska band.  A few days ago we had a photo session, And here are some of my favorite shots from this portrait photography series. What a wonderful group of people. It was great fun taking their portraits.

The Untouchables Jan 3rd show poster

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The “If we live” project

The “If we live” project was conceived by a dear friend,   Los-Angeles musician/Producer Kevin T. Williams. It started for me when Kevin called me one day telling me about a great new project he’s working on, and asked me to lend my voice to the choir of more than 60 accomplished singers, singing the theme song.  I humbly accepted as this was the first real recording. In this video,  you can get a glimpse of yours truly,  but i doubt you’ll be able to recognize my voice ;) Later on, when all was ready, I worked with Kevin on the cover design, using my cloud photograph for the CD’s cover design. The ‘If we live’ project CD is now available from CD baby, Go there and get your copy. All proceeds go to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ “if we live has a Facebook page, where you can read more about the project If we live Kevin used the “globe” I made, to make some buttons that we gave away in the CD release party. I was thinking about what image to use for this post while clearing my desk. I picked up that button that was on the desk to put it away  and while turning around (The sky image is hanging right behind me) this idea came to mind, too simple, the biggest challenge was operating a right hand camera with my left hand.

All “If we live” songs are available at

All proceeds go to “stand up to cancer.
Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Pushing the boundaries with Adobe Lightroom 5

When I first started shooting rock concerts, There was no Adobe Lightroom 5 to help me. I was used to shot T-max 3200 black & white, pushing it about 2-3 stops to get what I wanted in the darkroom, expressive rough shots, with grain you can shave with. I was and still try to get shots that show action (by sometime using slower shutter speeds) and enhancing the atmosphere by trying to predict where the lights are going to fall next and clicking the shutter when the lights hit where I want.

Today, shooting in chaotic (light wise) and dark environments is different, I do it by shooting RAW files at very high ISO, and developing them in Lightroom 5. Developing in Lightroom 5 allows more accurate white balance and broad color control. testing, correcting and printing the kind of images you can see below, “old school”, would take a very long time.

Here’s a selection of “Rain King” concert images I shot at the “Whiskey a GO-Go” on Sunset Blvd. last Saturday. “rain King” are, Ben Shafrir – Drums, Eli Sokolow – Guitar and Vocals and Yali Bitan – Bass and Vocals. These guys really know their stuff! You can listen to them using the player underneath the gallery. In their own words, they are an “L.A. based rock trio whose mission is to wake the universe from the coma of auto-tuned digital modernity and rekindle the flames lit by the ancient warriors of face melting, spine curving rock & roll.”

No “Photoshop” was used in the editing of these images.