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Compawssion, A book of rescued dogs portraits

A few months ago, I was asked to shoot Frank Bruynbroek’s portrait for his upcoming book called Compawssion it is a project he was working on for the last 15 years, as well I was asked to shoot and edit a short teaser for the book.

Frank’s passion for photography and his love and compassion for dogs has culminated into a beautiful book of photographs of rescued dogs, and I was happy to take a part in it.

You can read more about Frank here.

Compawssion book of rescued dogs portraits

Frank Bruynbroek and T

Night falling over Downtown Los Angeles

I was walking in downtown Los Angeles on my way to have dinner this Saturday after a job.
I love urban photography and I love this city’s skyline, the weather set up the stage pretty nicely, And I still had my camera with me. I made it my Homage to Fritz Lang.


Noon, Downtown Los Angeles.

On my way back from Pasadena, after wrapping up my show today, I stopped for a hot dog in downtown LA.

I got a ticket.

Downtown Los Angeles

Smartphone camera, you don’t leave home without it

Happy new 2012 everyone!
Here’s my current favorite smartphone camera snap, I’m having too much fun with this smartphone camera.

Cafe 50's Los-Angeles,CA.

I’m using a Nokia Lumia 920, What are you using?

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Single light photography

Single light photography

Single light photography.

My most valuable learning experience was working as a photographer’s assistant back in the late 80’s, while starting my professional photography career.
One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned was using a single light source to set up an atmosphere.

In  nature we have only a single main light source (sun), the human brain is completely happy and can easily make sense of a scene that has a single light direction. practicing this method in the studio helped me advance and master this technique in the studio as well as out on location.

In this shot, You can see Tiffany dancing in front of a single light, In this case it is a window.