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Meet The Untouchables

Meet The Untouchables, The great Los-Angeles Ska band.

If you live in Los Angeles, CA, Or you are a Ska fan, You surly know The Untouchables!
This is my favorite Ska band.  A few days ago we had a photo session, And here are some of my favorite shots from this portrait photography series. What a wonderful group of people. It was great fun taking their portraits.

The Untouchables Jan 3rd show poster

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Intention in Headshot photography

I’d like to talk about Intention in Headshot photography.

There are many aspects I keep in mind through a headshot photography session.

because every person is unique, the most interesting aspect for me is working with my subject, to get the desired expressions.

My job as a headshot photographer is to lay out the ground on which my subject’s character can flourish and manifest itself so I can capture it. It’s very important for the subject to have intention behind their expression, that’s what I’m looking for in my sessions.

Light and composition are fundamentals and are second nature to me, I check them constantly and press the shutter only if both are perfect, as well as making sure that the background is just that and doesn’t have any attention grabbing elements.

While Light and composition have to do with aesthetics, they are mostly technical, and since I’m very experienced, I always make it work first, so I can concentrate in my subject, this is really what it’s all about.

I find Liron Levo’s shots above, a great example of Intention in Headshot photography, each one captures a moment that represent a character with intention.

More headshots at


The “If we live” project

The “If we live” project was conceived by a dear friend,   Los-Angeles musician/Producer Kevin T. Williams. It started for me when Kevin called me one day telling me about a great new project he’s working on, and asked me to lend my voice to the choir of more than 60 accomplished singers, singing the theme song.  I humbly accepted as this was the first real recording. In this video,  you can get a glimpse of yours truly,  but i doubt you’ll be able to recognize my voice ;) Later on, when all was ready, I worked with Kevin on the cover design, using my cloud photograph for the CD’s cover design. The ‘If we live’ project CD is now available from CD baby, Go there and get your copy. All proceeds go to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ “if we live has a Facebook page, where you can read more about the project If we live Kevin used the “globe” I made, to make some buttons that we gave away in the CD release party. I was thinking about what image to use for this post while clearing my desk. I picked up that button that was on the desk to put it away  and while turning around (The sky image is hanging right behind me) this idea came to mind, too simple, the biggest challenge was operating a right hand camera with my left hand.

All “If we live” songs are available at

All proceeds go to “stand up to cancer.
Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

PDN contest

*Update*-Thanks for your votes, the deadline for voting has passed, below is the original post:
You have the right to vote, use it.
So there it goes, I entered the portrait you see on this page into a coming PDN contest. I rarely enter contests but I feel this one has my name on it.

Be a pal, click this link and vote at  I know you love this image.

Al Keith - Musician

DJ Starskee Suavé, “Have mirror ball, will travel”.

“Have mirror ball, will travel” is Starskee Suavé’s slogan and it says it all.
“Starskee Suavé is a Los Angeles area Disc Jockey who specializes in the 1970s. In fact, he thinks music from 1986 is “new.” Starskee believes that the 1970s began in about 1967 and ended around 1983-84. Go figure. He has over 20 years of experience spinning vinyl Funk, Disco, Soul, and R ‘n’ B for FM radio, clubs, public events, and private parties. In addition to mobile DJ duties, he offers his services for hire in the areas of Dance Facilitation (often considered inseparable from DJ-ing), Master of Ceremonies, Public Relations, Upholstering, Editing (text and sound), and Fashion Consultation. In his spare time, he is a legend.” His radio show is on at 2:00 p.m. (pacific time) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs on

Here’s a link to his site

Gilad Koriski - Shooting Starskee Suavé
Behind the scenes

Peace and Dove

In my travels to Israel I get to stay sometimes with the Fox family, Howard Fox is a good friend, an amazing painter and a very interesting guy, His lovely wife and two kids are making every stay a joy and yes, They have a dog and a picket fence.
I was going over some images today while checking Adobe Lightroom 4’s new development module and saw this picture, I shot it in Howard’s studio, So I gave it some love and added a little logo to it.

Peace and Dove

Welcoming Spring with Children photography, headshots and portraits

Children photography in general and specifically children playing is one of my favorite subjects, and what’s better for a spring entry than a child playing in a wheat field?

Children photography

Children photography is as challenging as it is rewarding, it is a specialty, Being able to connect with the child is very important.  I am very good at capturing kids in a natural environment, keeping you with everlasting memories. I am very attentive to the surrounding and work with the child within their “attention zone” to create images you’ll want to share.

To inquire about children headshots and portraits in the Los Angeles area, Please contact me through my headshots website.