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New If we live videos

I’m happy to present the New If we live videos I created for the songs “Jenny make ’em clap” and “free is we”, these videos were made with love for the “If we live” project.

“If we live” is a community effort led by Kevin T. Williams, to raise awareness and help support the “Stand up to cancer” organization.

It was a joy working with everyone to make these happen, Special thanks to Jenny Moller, Nichelle Monroe and of course Kevin T. Williams, you’re awesome!

So make some fresh popcorn, it’s show time ;)

The “If we live” project CD is now available from CD baby, Go there and get your copy. All proceeds go to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’.

“if we live” has a Facebook page, where you can read more about the project

You can find my earlier blogposts about “If we live” here

“Stand Up To Cancer” is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


A new music video to help support “Stand up to cancer”

I’m working on a new music video to help support “Stand up to cancer“.

The song named “Jenny make ’em clap” is a fun love letter to Venice, California and free spirits everywhere, and is a part of the “If we live” project.

We have only one more shooting day to complete the remaining shots and then finish editing, I’m very exited.

All of the participants in this project volunteer their time and talent with the hope of helping others.

Until the video’s release, here’s a behind the scenes video, Shot by Mungai Nguku

Lyrics & Vocals: Jenny Moller
Bass: Karl Leiker
Percussion: Al Keith; James Alibe;
Production, Guitar, bgd vocals and keys: Kevin T. Williams

Buy “Jenny make ’em clap”, the full album or any song on it on iTunes, and help “Stand up to cancer” by clicking Here.

Read my earlier post about the “if we live” project here

All proceeds go to “stand up to cancer.
Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

A wonderful lecture about creativity by John Cleese

Creativity and creative thinking is a subject I’m always exploring.

I was happy to hear Cleese mentioning Edward de Bono (in one of his creativity thinking  videos that was published and removed from youtube many times) , I began to find interest in De Bono’s writings about creative thinking when I was still a photographer’s assistant in training.

Hoodman cinema kit Pro

Expanding into DSLR video shooting, I realized that focusing in “live view” can be very tricky. Accurately focusing using a 3 inch monitor is problematic. I found the solution to that in the “Hoodman cinema kit pro“.

Hoodman cinema kit Pro

Use this link to buy the “Hoodman cinema kit Pro” on Amazon: Hoodman HCKP H-LPP3, HMAG3.0, HCrane,And help supporting my blog.

Today’s technology, allows pro photographers to produce high quality video, with the equipment they already have, and feel comfortable using.
The attachments that will transform your DSLR into a movie making machine are many, and choosing the right product was not easy.
While searching, I found that many of the magnifying viewfinders, required gluing an attachment to the camera’s body. I don’t like gluing things to my camera, These glues have a tendency to soften in a hot weather and leave a sticky residue.
Another solution offered, is a fancy rubber band, It may be the cheapest solution but it didn’t feel very solid and may get in the way.

What first attracted me to the Hoodman cinema kit Pro was the concept. It’s a solid rail system that’s attached to your camera’s hot-shoe and allows you to accurately place the rubberized view finder over the LCD panel, in seconds. Focusing the viewfinder on the screen took a slight rotation of the eye-piece. As soon as you’ve aligned the viewfinder, You’re free to move it up and out of the way, and then back in place, It’s consistent, fast and easy.

This kit can be moved to another camera as fast as you can move a speedlight flash from one camera to another. It took about 5 seconds to remove from the package, and about 30 seconds to set-up and master!

I really appreciate solidly build, modular equipment, not to mention great German optics, It looks like this unit will serve me for a long time.