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Online fine art prints store

*Update*- I no longer offer prints through “Fine art America” please use the Contact page ti inquire about prints.

“I’m offering fine art prints of my work. You can find beautiful prints to decorate your home and business, in many sizes, finishes and frames You can even get greeting cards you can customize with my photography.

Watch a short video with images from my online fine art prints store

“Not We But ONE” Concert and Art Exhibit Charity Event

Update – This event ended

Original post – I’ll be showing some of my landscape work in a group exhibit tonight.
It’s a part of a Concert and Art Exhibit, dedicated to help teens at risk.
The 18th is also my birthday, so it’s a great opportunity to celebrate together, I hope to see you there.

These are the images I showed tonight

You can buy these images here

Here’s a short video to soak in the atmosphere

Not We But One Flyer2013
The image on this poster is not mine, I’ll try to find out who shot it and will give them credit


Roadside survivors

A while back I’ve found these old shoe forms near a closed down old shoemaker’s store. they waited for me in a little pile of stuff that was going to the trash. I had to take it to the studio and play with it. I decided to make two similar compositions that will have a different feel to them. here’s what I came up with.

From fringe to center stage

After watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, I gained respect to the fact that even the fringe, in a time of internet and social networking, can get mainstream very fast, maybe too fast. surprising, right? it can find a great audience if it’s loud and daring enough. It is aggressive marketing with no limitations, and sometimes it even have some qualities other than sheer size. whether you are a fan of street art or not, you’ll be able to find a support to your cause, in this original documentary, that has an unlikely punk “cinderella story” underlay. no kidding. I enjoyed it very much.