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A horse foal was born

This Sunday I had a special treat, a horse foal was born. This baby horse was born just a few hours earlier. It was a “Bambi” moment for me when I went to see the newborn princess.

I like driving out-of-town to visit friends. I like walking in nature, enjoying the views and the animals, taking pictures of all I find interesting. This trip was very rewarding, cuteness ruled the day.
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Boxed Baby

Boxed Baby

Handling this little old celluloid baby, while setting up the shot, made me think about the child who first received it as a present.

Was it for Christmas, or a birthday, or just because she/he was the apple of their parents eyes. It made me think about the happiness it brought them, little sparkles of joy on their life’s timeline, and how they are probably no more… and the home of this and other toys I shoot, is a box or a drawer.

I’m happy I can put it in the spotlight again.