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Reilly the Japanese Chin dog

This adorable Japanese Chin dog named Reilly (meaning: Courageous, valiant), is a little buddy of mine. Reilly is one of the most adorable toy dogs I’ve met, He’s sweet, playful and we’re always happy when we meet and play.
Japanese Chin dog fine art prints

Looking at Japanese Chins at play, made me think they are bred to look like little furry dragons.

I love taking this little pup’s pictures. I find Reilly’s little face to be very expressive. it seems to me he likes to pose for the camera and he’s doing it with patience and grace.
This digital work captures his persona very well, the image of a poet reflecting as he gazes towards the horizon. I gave him a painterly treatment to enhance the texture of his beautiful soft fur.
You can see the image in more detail and even order a print by visiting Reilly the Japanese Chin dog page on my fine art prints store.
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Compawssion, A book of rescued dogs portraits

A few months ago, I was asked to shoot Frank Bruynbroek’s portrait for his upcoming book called Compawssion it is a project he was working on for the last 15 years, as well I was asked to shoot and edit a short teaser for the book.

Frank’s passion for photography and his love and compassion for dogs has culminated into a beautiful book of photographs of rescued dogs, and I was happy to take a part in it.

You can read more about Frank here.

Compawssion book of rescued dogs portraits

Frank Bruynbroek and T