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A horse foal was born

This Sunday I had a special treat, a horse foal was born. This baby horse was born just a few hours earlier. It was a “Bambi” moment for me when I went to see the newborn princess.

I like driving out-of-town to visit friends. I like walking in nature, enjoying the views and the animals, taking pictures of all I find interesting. This trip was very rewarding, cuteness ruled the day.
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Tinting Black and White photos

Early in my photography career I was experimenting with tinting Black and White photos. I was using “Ecoline by Talens” liquid water colors, having lots of fun, and after a while I was able to get consistent results.

Tinting Black and White photos digitally, has more freedom, It’s less adventurous, more straight forward and gets the job done.

Below is a tinted Black and White image of August, Shot in South California with my favorite 80mm 1.8 lens.

August the horse, Tinting Black and White photos

Tinting Black and White photos tutorial

Here’s a great tutorial from Adobe T.V. By the wonderful Julieanne Kost, Exploring the best way to convert images to black and white, as well as adding tonal overlays, edge effects, selective coloring and film grain textures. Then, you’ll learn how to apply those effects to multiple files using Sync options and Presets using Adobe Lightroom 5.

Late afternoon

This weekend I was visiting a friend whom I used to ride with, he moved his horses from a ranch to his back yard a few weeks ago so I went to see the new tenants.

Being around horses is very special, these herbivores are beautiful and are among my favorite subjects.

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