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Impressionist Sunflowers in Hopewood

These impressionist sunflowers images are favorites of mine.
Wherever I am, There’s always something that catches my eye as frame worthy, And even when I don’t have my SLR camera, I always have my phone with me.

Using a smart-phone to capture quality, memorable images is challenging because phones have fixed wide angle lenses, It makes every little move more critical to the composition, I always work until I get what I want. after all, The best camera is the one you have at hand and I made sure I’ll have the best phone camera I could find! Looking at these images later, I’ve seen the potential for making Impressionist artwork of them and so I worked the images to express this style.

I shot these beautiful sunflowers at “Hopewood”, At my friend Jamie’s new concept B&B in Hollywood, California.

To buy these images of Impressionist Sunflowers, click the link