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A vintage mechanical tin toy on its tricycle

antique vintage mechanical tin toy riding TricycleThe first time I was looking at this vintage mechanical tin toy, made me think of spring. This toy still have bright, very appealing colors, I think the smile is great too.
I made the image bright, to resemble a spring day.
The natural triangular silhouette makes for a stable, calm composition.

I don’t really know if it’s representing a girl or a boy, but The kid looks happy.
While shooting this toy, I was looking for a way to capture eye contact and create an appealing pose.
I’m always looking for a way to create communication between the subject and the observer, and the eyes can make it, or break it.
Mechanical toys and other contraptions always fascinated me. As a little kid I loved mechanical things and was always trying to understand how they work, by disassembling and putting them back together (to be honest, I could only put only some of them back together).

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