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Scribbling in smoke III

The brain is always searching for recognizable patterns, it wants to make sense of what’s presented to it.

Crossing over

When working with abstract materials,  what I do is help my brain uncover the obscure and bring it forward.

Scribbling in smoke II

Leave it for later

I’ve been asked what exactly are these images. these are manipulated photograph I shot, of smoke. i alter colors and draw on them, with digital tools. Here’s a new image, followed by a small copy of the original shot, notice the figure on the lower left.

Original shot

Scribbling in smoke

In a field where pre-planing is very important, sometimes, to free my mind, I like to take a pencil and scribble on paper, without raising it for a few moments from the page, and then with as little lines possible, to get out of the chaos a subject that will make sense.

As many in the visual field, I have a library of photographs I shoot, to use them as backgrounds or effects. While looking through some of my smoke images, I noticed a lot of scribble there to work with.

I use free association doing that, and I find it to be very rewarding.