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Terra The dog

Terra The dog, is my neighbor’s pet, She loves running around our back yard with her little companion Archie, Playing with her toys and barking at squirrel’s. She always runs to me when I’m coming out to the yard, She knows she’ll get a good rub.

Like many, I’m fascinated by animals. When I was about 5 years old, I was attacked by a large dog. I never gave up on them and actively fought my acquired fear of being attacked again, by seeking their company.

I think dogs relate to the human emotional range better than any other animal. We bond with them like with no other animal. Every dog I meet is different in character, I’ve met tiny dogs with an attitude of a lion and large ones that behave like lap dogs.

A few days ago we met in the back yard, Terra was back from the doctor, He discovered she had some bad tumors. She was operated on and the sight was heart breaking, Stitches, tubes and all, still, I felt I have to document it.
Sep 1st 2012 – Update
I’m happy to say, Terra is back to her old self, Cone free and happy.