California’s electricity producing windmills

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Flying above California’s electricity producing windmills makes for great photography opportunities, this is only one of a large series.

I shot Tommy Mars in studio playing the Hammond

Tommy Mars in studio playing a Hammond organ
As a part of the If We Live project, I joined Kevin T. Williams when he recorded Tommy Mars. There are many famous musicians I met but Tommy Mars is one of my favorites, I’ve spent many hours listening to him on Frank Zappa’s albums, but being in the same room with him while he was playing a Hammond was a very unique experience.

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A nesting sparrow in an abandoned truck

Hiking in the Malibu area, a nesting sparrow was pointed to me by one of the group, it was in an abandoned truck’s frame and was very hard to spot.
This sparrow built its nest in a very narrow part of the frame, right above the wind shield, I couldn’t capture this image using my SLR because it wouldn’t fit in the crack, my smart phone on the other hand went right through.

A #sparrow #nesting in an #abandoned #truck

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Elevator selfie using my Lumia

I snapped this selfie using my Nokia Lumia. I was going up in an elevator and looking up gave me the idea. I’ve used it as my profile picture is some social sites.

#elevator #selfie using my #Lumia

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Visiting friends at the Hollywood park horse racing arena

Visiting friends at the #Hollywood park #horse #racing arena.

Friends who own some race horses invited me to the Hollywood park horse racing arena. This was an exiting scene, I never realized Jockeys get that dirty racing. I don’t gamble, But I do believe I’ll be going to the track again, hopefully to get shots of my friend’s horses reaching the finish line first. This shot is of other horses right after crossing the finish line.

Graffiti in Downtown Los-Angeles

#Graffiti #Downtown #Los-Angeles

I saw this graffiti while walking into a meeting in Downtown Los-Angeles, I had to snap it, That’s some serious talent sprayed on this wall.

A Vintage boy-scout doll

Vintage boy scout doll toys fine art photography

This Vintage boy scout doll is from the early 1900’s. this toy was made of wood and then hand painted.

Taking a portrait of toys and people, have many things in common. I keep in mind many of the things I do when taking portraits of people when I’m shooting toys, having a good eye contact is one of them.
A good eye contact makes an effective image, because it helps the viewer and subject connect.

As in many of my images, I have an idea when I’m creating the image. But rather than revealing my ideas, I prefer to hear what the viewers have in mind; for me, any interpretation is correct.

Handling these little old toys, while setting up a shot, make me think about the child who first received them as a present.
Was it a Christmas, or a birthday present, or an unexpected surprise because she/he was the apple of their parents eyes. It makes me think about the happiness it brought these kids, little sparkles of joy on their life’s timeline, and how they are probably no more… and how a box or a drawer became home for these toys.

I’m happy I can put this Vintage boy scout doll and his little friends in the spotlight again.

Own a Vintage boy scout doll customized print

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