A Portrait in Blue and Gold

Caroline Johansen - Actress
Shooting portraits is not only a job for me, It is something I really love doing.
The two most important aspects of photography are lighting and composition, in Portrait photography and headshot photography, unlike other forms of photography I’m commissioned to do, I need to connect and understand how to get my subjects into the mood needed, to get the expressions i’m looking for, I find it to be the most important aspect of portraiture.

I shot this headshot portrait of lovely Caroline Johansen, last Thursday, In the Hopewood location near Hollywood, California.

More headshots at

lil’ hoedown

lil' hoedown

A cheerfully colored silly little band, this lil’ hoedown Abner windup toy from 1945 was assembled from a few sources since there are not many complete sets available. I didn’t want to neglect the back side of the piano because it’s pretty sweet and has Oleman Mose drawn on it (quite pleaz!), so I decided to compose it in the background, toning it down so it will not overwhelm the main subject.

Hey Charlie McCarthy, Put on a happy face

Charlie Mccarthy dummy

As a little boy, there were many things I thought I wanted to be, at least for a while. One thing I was playing with was ventriloquism, people who “throw their voice”, the concept intrigued me, I wanted to be able to do that too. I wanted a dummy too, I didn’t get one, and that’s a good thing.

The type the ventriloquist dummy in the image above is called Charlie McCarthy, and I’m happy I had the opportunity to shoot it.

Hello Space Boy

Space boy

Hello Space Boy is another image from my vintage toys series. I love old toys and I am very lucky to have my friend Dannah sending me items I like from her vintage toy collection to have fun with in the studio. I had this project on my mind for a while and I’m happy I finally got to it.

These toys surely brought a lot of happiness to kids, many moments of discovery and joy through the use of imagination, Just as it does for me.

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