Wind I, II & III

Sometimes it feels as if all the elements in nature just try to please you.

It was a wonderful and exiting afternoon, and by the time I left the scene I had these three Images. there is no digital compositing or complicated photo manipulation here, these compositions needed only a few minor darkroom enhancements (dodging and burning).

These images appeared in my Venice, CA exhibition named “Consummation – Where Mother Earth and Father Sky Meet”


Wind 1
Wind 1 – 16in x 38in – $520
Wind 2
Wind 2 – 24in x 41 in – 600$


Wind 3
Wind 3 – 30in x 30in – $560

This is a diagram I made to figure out the sizes and the way I wanted the images to be hung.

Proportions for the Wind series

This is a photo I snapped with my phone for documentation purposes, after hanging the prints in the gallery.

wind gallery Crop

Here’s a glimps at some of the other images from the exhibition.

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